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Network and Classroom Management Thread, Alternative to ranger functionality in Technical; I have used Ranger for years, and it works well. But, I am moving over to Windows 7, and would ...
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    Alternative to ranger functionality

    I have used Ranger for years, and it works well.

    But, I am moving over to Windows 7, and would prefer a more vanilla network, and lack of client, which if it crashes kills the machine...

    The main part we use is LAN Ranger for the real time logging and reports we can pull out of it (machine usage, length logged on, and audit trails) all of which are easy to obtain.

    Any similar products, or should I stick with the devil I know ?

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    Impero. Used ranger in past and much prefer impero.Matches your requirements above and cheaper.

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    Second that, impero and/or SCCM. We're going SCCM but Impero offers functionality above and beyond that may just persuade.

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    I've just installed impero, yesterday in fact! I'm very impressed with it so far.

    I'm currently running the 30 day trial on 100 machines but unless any unforseen problems with it arise I plan to purchase it for the whole school at the end of the trial :-)

    Currently my network has CSE (I'm new here) but I plan to go for a Vanilla network with Impero.

    Where in the UK are you?

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