Hello and happy new year 2012 to everyone.

We are using print mamager plus V8 (or I think it's also called 2010)

At the moment I have no restrictions and/or quotas applied to users and the user enquire tool shows the number of pages printed for each user correctly.

The problem arises on any of the printers (different models and manufacturers and drivers) when I "enable verification" in the printer properties of that printer (all of this within print manager plus, not in the windows print management). Then the user gets the 5 min warning to delete or print the job.

So if you press ok to print it the job does go to the the printer qeue but it is paused. I have to manually release the job to be printed. If I roll back to "no print verification" users print as normal and jobs aren't paused in the print qeue.

As far as I know we dont have or set up the "release station" feaure of the program.

Kind regards.