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Network and Classroom Management Thread, [Netsupport/RM Tutor4] Finding machines based on a 'teacher' machine in Technical; Hi,. We have RM tutor4 licences for the school, and as such all CC4 machines are running with the Netsupport ...
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    Question [Netsupport/RM Tutor4] Finding machines based on a 'teacher' machine


    We have RM tutor4 licences for the school, and as such all CC4 machines are running with the Netsupport student module enabled. In most IT rooms we have a 'teacher' machine which has the tutor control software on it. As our teachers move around PC's, with their profiles, Tutpr gets confused where they are and doesn't offer the correct machines for that room when a teacher logs on.

    my NM mentioned that it was possible on CC3 to 'fix' tutor so that a machine would bring up the same machines regardless of who was logged on, but alas he doesn't remember how this was done.

    can anyone point me in the right direction...? Thanks in Advance!


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    To use the Tutor console so that it uses the same settings for each user that logs on you need to add the following reg entry:

    Location: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Productive Computer Insight\pcictl\
    VlaueType: String
    ValueName: NSSuseHKLM
    Value: 1

    To get the pcictl location in the registry I've found that I have to run the tutor console, edit a setting and close the program. When you open it again you should have that location in the regisrty.

    Please be aware that you will be required to re-enter the configurational changes you wish to apply to the Tutor software the first time that you open the Tutor Console after adding this entry.

    To configure the Tutor Console to save the files that it uses into the All Users | Application Data location please tick the "Use shared data files" option in the menu School >> Configuration >> Administration >> Profile >> Edit >> Advanced screen.

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