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Network and Classroom Management Thread, Censornet Active Image Control in Technical; We currently run ISA Server, which for a proxy i like and does the job well. I saw this Active ...
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    Censornet Active Image Control

    We currently run ISA Server, which for a proxy i like and does the job well.

    I saw this Active Image Control on Censornet which looked quite impressive, but you have to pay per connection.

    Now what i was wondering is, if i still had all kids pointing to our ISA Server, then set the censornet box with AIC on as an upstream proxy, could i get away with just 1 concurrent connection licence, since the only connection is from the 1 box, the ISA Server.

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    Re: Censornet Active Image Control

    No you wont be able to get away with that. I would also give it a good trial as well as it is pretty good but probably not as good as you might be expecting.

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    Re: Censornet Active Image Control

    IMHO Image filtering is overkill for web when you have decent text and url based filters.

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