My name is Dan and Iím a Lab Manager at a school (I am not the full-fledged tech with global admin rights/system administrator).
The admin and myself have been working on getting a good and stable install of iTALC in several labs. iTALC 1 had several issues where it just wasnít very stable, so weíve started to move on to iTALC 2 in one lab, which I installed myself. Itís running a lot better, where the clients and master are connecting a lot better, and the overall performance and stability of the program is vastly improved.

The only issue, besides getting around to upgrading all the clients on iTALC 1 throughout the school, is the lack of the multi-remote login. This feature was very useful and one of the few things I could count on in iTALC version 1 (for the most part), but now the author has removed the function completely and Iím without it. I looked into RCLogon, which looks promising, only it wonít work for us! Why? Because our student account, which all student activity takes place under and what I would almost always, if not always, use the program for, has no password, and RCLogon does not work with such a configuration. The setup with no password is presumably done so students can log in with ease, and our tech changing this would not be feasible.

My question is, does anyone know of a remote multi-login program thatís a) free, and b) works with accounts with no password? Are there any mods of RCLogin that can fix this? I would only use this as a temporary fix until, hopefully, iTALCís multi-login feature returns, which I hope is a (very soon) ĒwhenĒ, not ďifĒ.

Thanks in advance!