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Network and Classroom Management Thread, Roaming Profiles or Not Roaming Profiles in Technical; Just trying to get an idea for how others feel using roaming profiles on their school network. We are currently ...
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    Roaming Profiles or Not Roaming Profiles

    Just trying to get an idea for how others feel using roaming profiles on their school network. We are currently using roaming profiles along with folder redirection. I am thinking of switching all students to a mandatory profile or possibly a local profile to speed up logins via wireless without having to worry about problems with limiting profile size. Still deciding if teachers benefit from roaming profiles or not.

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    Previously had roaming profiles, now local with desktop and start-menu redirection for students
    Personally I didn't like roaming profiles much and thought they caused more trouble than good. I don't think teachers need roaming profiles either. Situation here means all teaching staff have a laptop and only use that, so a roaming profile isn't of much use.

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    We have roaming profiles for staff and mandatory profile for the children. Just about everything is redirected (desk tops, application data, start menu...) which helps no end.

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