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Network and Classroom Management Thread, RM CC3, how does anything work?! in Technical; Originally Posted by Jose Is the correct answer, its not the fact its old its the fact its crap. Keep ...
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    Quote Originally Posted by Jose View Post
    Is the correct answer, its not the fact its old its the fact its crap. Keep it as simple as possible, bespoke software requires support from the bespoke company = cost
    Nope ... not crap ... works very well in many, many schools ... it just might not right for you and your school. There is a difference. From the sounds of the OP's issues there are problems with lack of documentation, a clear lack of training and not much desire to rectify either of these ... possibly because the amount of effort is not worth it compared a newly designed and implemented system.

    As for bespoke ... bespoke vanilla systems can also end up needing bespoke support as not everyone sets them up the same. The requirement for documentation is still needed. Try not to confuse the issue with generic comments such as 'crap'.

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    @GrumbleDook has it correct.
    I have managed CC3 and currently manage CC4 and vanilla sites and to be honest if I burned my vanilla documentation and jumped under a bus it would not be easy for someone to come in hit the ground running. I think that this is the same for any flavour of any network.
    At least a CCx system is likely to be a fairly standardised setup which can't generally be said of vanilla

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    Quote Originally Posted by apur32 View Post
    just to go to CC4 from CC3 cost more than £20K. What is in CC3 or CC4 that you can not do without it?? Its a management system sitting on the top of Active Directory. In fact the management system make everything so simple & automated that you depend on it and do not know how is it working on AD, which in my opinion is not very good. You wont find RM everywhere but windows servers almost everywhere.

    Please see the last answer from LazyD.... This is what I want to do!!!!
    Quoted us circa £30k and then in xx number of years time you're looking at another big pile of cash, if you were to go Vanilla at least in the future you're just paying for a new server rather than another fat wadge to RM for their latest and greatest...

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    Need your help regarding CC3. Open with and choose programme through right click is disabled and I get the message " RM This function is disabled by the Administrator" or something like this, can not remember the exact message but it is disabled. Where should I look for the group policy or how to enable it???

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