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    Lanschool keystroke History

    We have a number of new Dell 780 machines on which we have deployed Lanschool. We also have older Dell 755 machines with Lanschool on them. The 755s work fine but the 780 machines only display gibberish when looking at Keystrok and Application History (see below)

    ‡®#£9Ž½)Ÿ¿!‰¥ µ1œ½'‘ ¼#*2»?—¿!‡®#£9Ž½)Ÿ¿!‰¥ µ1œ½'‘ ¼#*2»?—¿!‡®#£©3Œì&–¸r˜

    when we look at Internet History its fine. As I said 755s are fine just happens to 780 machines.

    Lanschool version is

    Any ideas?

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    Hi Fiza,

    We've experienced something similar with LanSchool. However it only affects the 'Machine Name' column on the LanSchool teacher console.

    We're up to version now though, so i'd highly recommend you get up to at least 7.5, and those bugs should be fixed.

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