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Thing is, you won't get all the updates you need without access to RM support site. So even if you went back to the commissioning tape, and assuming that works, there's not just SR1 but SR2 now and at a rough guess about 15 other updates you'd need to put on to bring your network back in line. I'd seriously suggest unless you have these updates, you don't roll back.

Whatever your issues are for not getting support, I'd try and address those. You're going to end up in a far worse situation by trying to dabble.

It would also be against the rules for anyone to send you these updates so I wouldn't ask on EduGeek!
I have most updates as I tend to save a copy as well as run it and delete it etc... I have SR2 but if i were to rollback SR2 is usless without SR1 etc and I undertsnad it is agianst teh rules and I was not asking anyway (Sorry for any confusion etc..)

I will try and address support issues but it is out of my hnads