Hi - I've recently installed SMART classroom suite 2011 at 2 schools and am coming across a strange issue at both schools when using Smart Sync (formerly syncroneyes). The issue has been raised with SMART via our supplier Steljes and I'm waiting (and waiting) for SMART to respond. Meanwhile I'd like to throw this out to the real experts for comment.

Clients running Windows 7
Servers are 2003 R2

Issue presents when logged in as a domain admin with no policies or restrictions applied.

Smart Sync is configured to point to a class list file sitting on one of our servers, clients are configured to use a classlist server which is the same server.

Clients automatically connect to whichever teacher computer is waiting for them.

The clients connect with no issues, however when a user logs off and another user then logs onto the same computer a duplicate computer is then added to the teachers list. This duplicate is then the active icon for that computer, and the original just sits there saying "connecting". The duplicates can only be cleared from the users account by deleting their local profile.

Anybody using this product and coming across the same issues / found a fix?