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Network and Classroom Management Thread, RM Tutor 5 - NSM.LIC in Technical; Hello there, I am trying to install RM Tutor 5 but can not find the NSM.LIC file to use, When ...
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    RM Tutor 5 - NSM.LIC

    Hello there,

    I am trying to install RM Tutor 5 but can not find the NSM.LIC file to use, When i try to install it its says that the evaluation license is to old but if you put the clock back about a year it works,

    However when i try to input all the details it says it is invalid but it is because I am missing the Authorization Code and i can not find it and no longer have access to the original RM Tutor 5 packages nor the Download or Disc (I can not remember what it came on) and so I have been using Tutor 4 for a while as that still works,

    If anyone has the authoristaion code or a copy of the NSM.LIC file they could send me then please do, As proof I have Tutor 5 I can send you the License Number but I wont post here incase it gets in the worng hands !!!

    Thanks alot

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    why not contact AB Consulting? or even log onto their website to access your access / serial number / download files?

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    Well, no one in their right mind should send you their licence/authorisation info.
    I remember you saying you have an RM support contract right? Give them a call perhaps?

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    Contact RM (rather than AB Consulting!), they use a standard NSM.LIC so should be able to provide the details to you.


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