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Network and Classroom Management Thread, RM TUTOR 4 in Technical; We have RM tutor 4 running in my school and i have a few questions. Firstly, when you load it ...
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    RM TUTOR 4

    We have RM tutor 4 running in my school and i have a few questions.

    Firstly, when you load it up it tries to connect to EVERY computer in the school. Obviously this is not good because teachers tend to do dumb things like blank out the whole school.

    Now i figured out you can create groups, so i did that for each class, so all the teachers need to do is select the right tab.

    But my question is, is there a way to set it up so RM tutor loads, you select the group, and then it connects to only that group instead of the whole school? It's annoying because sometimes the computers don't respond and the teacher does not know what to do when it throws up an error message.

    Secondly, for some reason when i connect to my group it sends out a message to them asking if they want to connect. Well they shouldnt get that message should they, because students being students will just click no, and thats a problem. So is there any way for it to auto connect?
    Lastly, the refresh seems to be a bit hit and miss. For example when i select my group (and the whole classes computers are on) always a few of those computers are 'appearing' offline in tutor. The onyl way to rememdy this is to double click it, then close the window and it seems to refresh.

    Thanks for your help

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    Sounds like you might be running an old version of RM Tutor 4.

    The newest version is RM Tutor 4.1 ( which integrates settings for RM Tutor into the Management Console of CC4. You can download the update from the RM Website in My Account and Product Downloads.

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    It sounds more like you hayve an older version of the location link helper service. I have something like 4.04 if you pm me on Monday I can let you know what we have.

    A few notes though, logged onto the system with admin rights you will see the whole network, if you are logging on as a member of staff, if your mmc is set up right, you will only see the computers in that location.

    If you are having issues, log a call with rm, I did loads of testing before it was working, but it is better than tutor with cc3

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