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Network and Classroom Management Thread, Logon Monitor and Battery Monitoring in Technical; Hi All, We have over 600 laptops in the college at the moment along with 300 (ish) desktops. The college ...
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    Logon Monitor and Battery Monitoring

    Hi All,

    We have over 600 laptops in the college at the moment along with 300 (ish) desktops. The college have rasied 2 points:

    1. The current system we use for login tracking is webmans login tracker (a very good tool) however it is proving unreliable over the wireless connections to the laptops. I can only assume its because of the large numbers of wireless clients all fighting for bandwith and, at the point of running the logon script, some of them momentarily disconnect. This unfortuantely gives an unreliable picture of logons so that the SLT can track who was last on a laptop when it was damaged (it has caught us out recently a few times).

    2. The college feel it would be useful to monitor the battery levels of the laptops remotely. Not just wait until its too late and the laptop has gone to sleep or powered off in the middle of a child using it.

    So two questions:
    1. Is there anything else I can use to record logon times, supplimentary to webmans login tracker, (I have already enabled the event viewer successful event recording) and,
    2. Does anyone know of a Network Battery monitor style tool that we could use in point (2) above?

    Thanks for any replies.


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    There is Desktop Central Free Windows Tools 2 that has a tool within the package. Download that and click the Laptop Battery Power Monitor Tool from the launcher to bring the tool up. This monitors the battery power of the laptops in the network periodically and makes alerts by playing a sound when the power falls below a specified percentage.

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