Hello everyone,

Ive been trying to find a stable version of Italc for some labs in a school where i work. I actually have to install italc in 3 labs containing 20 to 38 computers.
I first installed 1.0.13 b/c it wasn't a beta version and i thought it would be stable enough. I was glad to see that this free software is working really good BUT, after my complete installation in the 38 machines lab, i wanted to test it out with the whole class connected. When i had only a couple machines in, it was working fine, but now i'm unable to see all the machines at the same time. I only see 3 to 8 machines working and when i close italc and try to repopen it, i am unable to reach ANY one the computers in my lab.
Then, i tried the beta 2 RC1. I don't have the problems i had and i must say, i really like the IMC and the new features available in there. But, in the RC1, the demo mode is not working and it's the feature i want the most.
Then i tried the beta 2 RC2. Everything worked really good and i never loose computers in my class. The annoying thing is that if i lock clients or go demo mode. The client's taskbar don't ALWAYS come back when i stop the lock/demo. Approx 50% of my class come back, and the other 50% have to tskill explorer.exe........

This program looks really nice but if i can't get a stable version of it, i might need to switch for some non-free/non-open-source software and i simply don't want that.
Anyone having the same issues / found a way to fix them ? And editting the source files from RC2 is not an option.