FYI edugeekers!

NetSupport School 10.70.0000 has now been released and is available for download.

This is currently available to download in the following language variants:

Brazilian Portuguese, Dutch, English, Finnish, French, German, Hungarian, Italian, Japanese, Norwegian, Polish, Russian, Spanish, Swedish, Traditional Chinese and Simplified Chinese.

This release of NetSupport School 10.70.0000 does not require a new license key and will work with an existing NetSupport School 10.50 License.

NetSupport School 10.70.0000 includes the following enhancements and fixes the details of which are included below:

What’s New

• The Web Control feature now includes support for monitoring and applying restrictions to the Google Chrome Browser.

• Support for NetSupport School Tutor Console to connect to NetSupport Assist Students.

• Application Control – Support provided to enable 64bit applications to be restricted.

• Web Control – Support provided to enable restrictions when using 64bit Browsers.

• NetSupport School updated to include support for SoftXpand 2011.

• The Show Hotkeys feature now includes support for 64bit applications.

• Messenger Monitoring now include Support for Windows Live Essentials 2011.

• Tutor/Tech Console performance improvements when displaying web and application updates when connected to a large number of Students.

• Terminal Services Room Mode Lookup settings added to ADM template files.

• New Tutor Configuration option provided to restrict Tutor Interface to CCE functionality set. This is intended for use when using a Tutor on a standard desktop to connect to Students within a Centralised Computing environment.

For example Multipoint Server

What’s Fixed

Resolved issue whereby it was not possible to add IP addresses to the Tutor Console Approved or Restricted Web lists.

Resolved issue whereby it was not possible to add a URL to the Approved or Restricted Web lists that included a question Mark.

Fixed issue where the Lock Image would not work correctly within a Japanese Windows 2003 R2 Terminal Server Environment.

Fixed an obscure condition where running applications at the Student sometimes did not appear within the Application Control view at the Tutor.

Fixed a fault in File Distribution/Transfer where opening directory properties fails with "Error 5" .

Resolved issue whereby when using the Application Control feature to 'Kill' a 64bit Application the confirmation message displayed would not display the correct application name.

The Tutor Console Test report now displays the Tutor name entered in the Class wizard.

Fixed a timing related issue that could result in an Assert error appearing at the Student when using the Co-Browser feature.

Resolved an Assert error that could occur when attempting to show the Test results to a Student that has disconnected.

New menu option added to the Tech Console {View}{Toolbar} drop down menu to allow the Group bar to be re-instated after being hidden.

Resolved issue whereby if the Tutor Console performing a Replay recording was terminated then it may not have been possible to playback the Replay file.

Resolved intermittent fault that could cause the Student to drop its connection after applying Printer Controls.

The options for Journal and View Journal are now greyed out on the Tutor Toolbar when there is no Journal in Progress.