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Network and Classroom Management Thread, Summer Plans in Technical; ...
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    Summer Plans

    Hi All

    Maybe i plan too much but wondered what people plans are for summer. Currently trying to get school to spend money on refreshing very old PC's over 5 most some are 10, which is really really bad pratice. Would think it would be hard to get yes no answer but seems the response I got today was he couldnít possibly comment.

    Maybe Iím under the wrong allusion, but i thought it was my job to maintain and improve the network and without knowing what i be doing i can't plan either way.

    Plan at moment

    First week, got network cables in doing a few jobs

    Second week, server stuff and Sims updates+ security updates, flash etc on all stations
    Rest of time ???????????????????????????????????????

    Was thinking of what anyone else is doing or is it all last minutes plans but SLT and departments without telling prior

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    Weeks 1, 2 and 3, increase memory into all clients and install windows 7
    Weeks 4 & 5, sit in the office with our feet up and catching up with our sleep.

    Well... can only dream I guess. Certainly the memory & windows 7 install will take place.. how long it takes will depend on the weather and how many stations we target for our initial deployment.

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    Week 1 - renew servers with virtualized solution, replace a couple of rooms (cash permitting)
    Weeks 2,3,4,5 - off
    Week 6 - prepare for start of new term (user accounts etc)

    Sometimes term time only contracts are great.

    The rest of my team will work similar patterns doing maintainence work but all being well everyone should get 4 weeks off.

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    Current plan for entire of summer = Build, configure and setup new IT infrastructure for new build school. Considering there's currently no existing school, the building isn't finished yet, we want staff working in around a month and I have no staff yet I think I've got my work cut out

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    @ soulfish enjoy ;-) did that when we moved to our new building they are allways running late on building them...

    in for 2 weeks this summer - job list will be to hit our helpdesk and clear some of the longer jobs which you cant get done during the normal term as the classes are full...

    set some rules on my equitrac and move a photocopier and printer, and montior the apperntice person whos here for a year.

    might look at building a webpage which pulls the current loged on persons details via single sign on to show them how much money they have in easytrace.

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    Will just be doing the basics as I've carried forward holiday after working all through last summer doing the Windows 7/2008 R2 upgrade etc, so only have 1 week in. Rest of the time I will be in the south of France in a place I've made sure has rubbish mobile reception

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    Week 1. Fit new DC / File Server, Re-create users move files etc. Change IP addresses of printers etc, add admin machines to new domain, format mail server and re-install exchange and watch 6 SMARTBoards being fitted. * External contractors are doing a lot of work in week 1*

    Week 2. Re-image Curriculmn machines & new room booking system

    Week 3. Plan ICT Lessons

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    Week 1 - Off (annoyed our finance team with this one )

    Moving offices
    Finish setting up new IT suite(cabled up during half term)
    Clean all projector filters
    sort out an intranet(helpdesk, room booking etc etc) and generally work on GPO's etc to improve user experience
    Various cabling jobs
    replace a few projectors
    Move sims to server 2k8R2
    hopefully replace a load of workstations
    change IP ranges (who decided to use 147.0.0.* ?!?!) - should have moved away from this long ago but never found the time

    Our budgets have been cut this year so no major plans have been made, might even get chance to take a few extra weeks off
    Last edited by Jamman960; 14th June 2011 at 09:59 AM.

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    Not sure what order im going to do thease in. No installes this year, we mostly have new ish kit in now, though still a few old ones from befor i started working here.

    Backup and prepare Moodle for next year, Backup and remove higher 6form files from the system, sort/fix/re-master systems that arnt working right, install a new network cable for a new printer, actually 2, need to get a key cut for the cookery store room, move 2 printers around in the science store room, finish making my auto import student script so im not sitting here on the first day back for hours imputting student details. try to tweak the system so it runs faster.

    thats more than i thought i would have, i think i need to make a plan of attack.

    i might have Office 2010 to install aswell/Papercut if they get the licences sorted in time

    Last week and 3 days im off - annoyed the admin officer with this, im off when the results come in, i dont think there will be any problems though
    Last edited by alunmjones; 14th June 2011 at 10:02 AM.

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    1. Move office so builders can start in old office. (includes painting/putting up benching)
    2.unbox/install 350 new machines to desks add to fog and image with new win 7 image.
    3. reinstall further 600 school machines with new windows 7 image.
    move office.
    4. Upgrade exchange to 2010,
    5. install new telephone system,
    6. Possibly install papercut mf.
    7. create gpos for all places in schools to map printers.
    8. live a little...

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    upgeade one Suite to windows 7 & office 2010
    test Acer core2duo with win 7 for staff update.
    setup google mail system (might do this week)
    and lots of other stuff.. .
    and 3 weeks off.. to rest.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jamman960 View Post
    change IP ranges (who decided to use 147.0.0.* ?!?!) - should have moved away from this long ago but never found the time
    I thought I was the only one! When I arrived here everything was on a 128.0.*.* address... that really confused me for a couple of days!

    For my summer...

    - Re-image all staff PCs with a Win7 and Office 2010 build.
    - Re-image all student PCs with an XP, Office 2003 AND 2010 build.
    - Re-image our macintosh OSX clients.
    - Exchange 2010 transition/upgrade...
    - Kit out new art department
    - Kit out new sixth form department

    And much much more...

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    We've got a sixth form starting up again from September, so piles of work to done to get the area designated for it ready in time. Bit of cabling to be done but thankfully not much, and also thankfully the build is directly under the main comms cabinet, but main work is bringing in 50 or so of those Asus transformers which the students will be using during their studies. Should be interesting. Additional wireless points and the creation of a new VLAN for that as well.

    On top of that I've got one suite of PCs to install and build, and the usual turnover of staff laptops to get through. Oh and I do believe RM are chucking RMVP 5.1 our way so that will need to be done as well.

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    Travel round Europe!

    Might install my first 2008 R2 server but then again its probably worth waiting for Windows 8 server now.

    Should really virtualize Sims at some point as well.

    Oh and moving to Live@Edu in the last few weeks of term.

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    *demote old windows 2003 DCs
    *Get rid of split on SAN (Bloody CSE!)
    *ex 2007 -> 2010
    *New images
    *TMG installation
    *Fall asleep

    No whiteboards this year

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