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Network and Classroom Management Thread, Software migration from CC3 to 'a' another provider in Technical; in reference to my previous post i would like to thank Paul Levett of Levett Consultancy for helping resolve this ...
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    in reference to my previous post i would like to thank Paul Levett of Levett Consultancy for helping resolve this as well as contributing members to edugeek - it has saved a lot of hassle for many, many schools.

    Quote Originally Posted by AndrewC View Post
    Here is a response from Microsoft received:

    "Schools own the licenses under Select, and don't have to buy them again, so moving away from CC3/4 will not impact on the validity of any perpetual licensing. If schools are licensed under the RM schools agreement then again, moving away from CC3/4 has no impact - but the school will continue to need to pay annual subscription via RM, or another reseller, if they want to continue using the software.

    So in summary schools do not need to buy again if they are using select licences."

    So a lit more clarity on this and handy to know, hopefully those looking into such systems will find this useful and procure licences directly from an OEM partner or any VL agreement (naace for example) where it doesn't tie any relations to one partner

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    Yes they have tried to pull that one on schools in my LEA moving from CC3 to LEA Vanilla network. Luckily our LEA have been working on several projects with Microsoft directly over the last 6 months and went straight to the horses mouth.

    The answer was as above. Any select licences purchased through RM are owned by the school and the school can choose to use them on any network.

    I imagine the only possible exception to the above, is if you have leased the licences from RM and have not finished paying for them yet. In which case theoretically RM own the licences until the final lease payment is made or the lease is settled early.

    Personally I think Microsoft should be taking RM to task on the issue - for every 1 school that queries it on edugeek there are probably 50 elsewhere that just rolled over and bought all new licencees when they didnt need to. This makes me sick and MS need to do something about it.

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  3. Thanks to Butuz from:

    bodminman (16th June 2011)

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    Perhaps this is why so many people are moving away from RM CC3 and are not choosing to upgrade to the extremely expensive CC4. Much better alternatives in the market these days than RM in my opinion, what do you think Andrew C ?

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