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Network and Classroom Management Thread, SCCM Reporting in Technical; Been having a look at the reporting feature of SCCM R3 but run into a rather annoying problem I can ...
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    SCCM Reporting

    Been having a look at the reporting feature of SCCM R3 but run into a rather annoying problem

    I can only view reports on the Site Server, not from the remote SCCM client - if I try and view a report, I am prompted for credentials, which I duly enter, only to be asked again, and again, then being given a 401 error

    If I do the same report from the server, I see the report straight away!

    Reporting is supposed to be configured for integrated windows Authentication.

    I have added appropriate users (me and domain admin..) to the SMS Reporting Users group on the Server as well

    Anyone know why this would be happening?

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    I saw this when we installed our SCCM. I'll need to look at my install notes to see how we got around the problem, but I think we needed to change the DCOM security settings for SMS_Reporting_Point that allow Remote Launch and Remote Activation.

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    I finally got round to installing the SCCM Console today and it working a treat with reports able to be run remotely. One thing i had to get right though is the user rights at the bottom of the SCCM console. I found that a slight permission out of place caused a lot of issues but was resolved when full control was given out

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