Hi Guys.

I am having a problem with winsuite at one of my schools. Randomly is seems, when the computer starts up it doesnt pick up the winsuite config. When you press ctrl-alt-del it brings up the login box, as if you have pressed alt-w (still with the school logo, so not just a windows login box.) Normally the staff and pupils select their name from a drop down box. I have tried checking the server for errors and there are none. :/

I'm guessing that this is a client issue, as their are no server side issues and if you do a system restore, then winsuite works correctly and you can select the names from the drop down box. Sometimes the client will respond to an admin logging in, but not always, sometimes it will respond to a reboot, but not always. And it is different desktops and laptops each time, seemingly random.

Any ideas???



This is winsuite 3.5 on win xp clients.