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Network and Classroom Management Thread, Windows Media Player in Technical; Originally Posted by speckytecky Umh - just tried to download VLC player and Sophos pops a message up telling me: ...
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    Quote Originally Posted by speckytecky View Post
    Umh - just tried to download VLC player and Sophos pops a message up telling me:

    <LI style="OVERFLOW: hidden">Location: dl2.cdn4-downloads.com/lm/cdn/VLC_32.exe Access has been blocked as the threat Mal/HTMLGen-A has been found on this website.
    hmmm odd. I've used it for years and not had any issues. It could be some sort of tracking cookie or a false positive. No adverse effects here on my network or home PC - touch wood.

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    Thanks for the replies regarding MSIs.

    @Chuckster, messaging you now. Cheers

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    Slightly ironic really that RM very recently had a network-breaking false positive that picked up on the Media Player 11 package for CC3 and 4. RMVP quarantined the file, rendering the package useless in CC3 but in CC4 rendering the *entire package system* useless.

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