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    Papercut 10.7 released

    New version of Papercut is now out. Get it from your usual provider.

    Quote Originally Posted by Release Notes

    PaperCut MF Release Notes

    2 December 2010 – PaperCut MF 10.7 (Build 12373)
    New features:

    New embedded copy, fax and scan tracking solution for Kyocera Mita devices. This marks yet another copier brand for PaperCut’s lineup of embedded tracking solutions – the 12th so far. Making use of the Kyocera Hybrid Platform for Advanced Solutions (HyPAS) framework, this is a featureful, user friendly and attractive solution. Thanks to our translation teams, this first release also ships in 10 languages! For more information and supported devices see the Kyocera Mita Integration tour page.
    Restricting access to colour printing is now much simpler. All printers now have a filter for selecting the user groups who have colour printing access.
    Watermarking and job attribution is now available for PCL5 printer drivers, in addition to the existing PostScript support. Next up: PCL6.
    New reports to compare printing over time (e.g. last month to this month).
    • Novell OES: Print jobs manually canceled from iPrint queues are now automatically refunded.
    • Novell OES: Improvements to cluster install notes.
    • Scheduled reports can now be copied. This simplifies setting up multiple similar reports.
    • Printer toner information may now be manually updated (in addition to the automatic perdiodic updates)
    • Test notifications can now be sent to specific email addresses as well as by entering a username.
    • The Windows release station zero-install method (“pc-release-local-cache.exe“) now automatically updates more config files each time it is launched (config.properties and client-machine-aliases.properties), simplifying deployment of multiple release stations from a central location.
    • Improved retrieval of device serial numbers via SNMP by looking in some non-standard SNMP locations.
    • Improved support for IPv6 when using the Windows Print Services for Unix (LPR and IPP).
    • All printing based reports now have an ad hoc filter for printer groups.
    • Improved logging to diagnose secondary server connection issues caused by security settings.
    • Added a new API for developers and system integrators to allow querying information about the logged in user at devices. This can be used by 3rd parties to implement single sign-on using PaperCut’s authentication.
    • Added a full Hebrew translation, thanks to our team in Israel.
    • Fixed a problem editing scheduled reports with multiple email recipients which caused the recipients to be saved incorrectly.
    • Fixed problem when editing scheduled reports in Excel/CSV format where date range parameters were incorrectly displayed.
    • Fixed small memory leak in the Windows print provider service.
    • Sensitive fields are no longer logged to the App Log when they are changed in the Config Editor (e.g. SMTP passwords).
    • Windows: fixed printing order when a large number of print jobs are released at once (more than about 40 jobs).
    • Improved reliability of watermarking on the HP 4100 with PostScript drivers.
    • Release Station: Fixed anonymous print release for release stations running in “release any” mode.
    • Release Station: Improved support for card authentication when using card header and trailer that are the same character.
    • Fixed a problem setting admin rights for user group restrictions that could occur when running on a PostgreSQL database configured with certain locale/language settings.
    • Fixed the Shared account print/copy/scan/fax – breakdown report to include jobs allocated to sub-accounts.
    • Linux/Mac: Improved reliability of print job redirection (e.g. find-me printing) on very busy print queues.
    Printer compatibility improvements:

    Improved page count detection for Xerox APIV C4470 PCL6 drivers.
    Improved copy count detection for some PostScript printers.
    Added page count support for Dymo 330 and 450 printers.
    Added grayscale/color detection for Xerox PostScript printers (e.g. the WC 7655).
    Added paper size detection for Canon UFR II devices such as Canon ir-ADV C2020/C2030 printers.
    Added support for detecting A5 paper sizes for Ricoh and Kyocera PCL5 printer drivers.
    Added support for RISO ComColor GDI series.
    Added support for the Ricoh RPCS driver for the GX7000 and GXe3350N devices.
    Added support for the Panasonic KX-MB3030 GDI Driver.
    Improved duplex page count detection for Sharp MX 5000N PCL5 driver.
    Added copy count detection for PostScript drivers on KIP plotters.
    Linux/Mac: Added support for the Oki C5650 HiperC printer.

    Copier / Device Integration:

    Ricoh Embedded:
    • Added support for configurable buttons to switch to other running ESA/Java applications.
    • Improvements to avoid SC997 errors seen on some devices.
    Xerox on-board: Detect and avoid problem seen on a Xerox device that failed to clear job logs, causing the same jobs to be logged repeatedly.
    HP Embedded:
    • Fixed USB card reader problems encountered on some HP M4345MFP machines.
    • Fixed problem on some devices that could cause the print time on held print jobs to be displayed in an incorrect time zone.
    Sharp OSA: Improved behavior in the case when the copier runs out of paper during a job.
    Toshiba: Allow differential access control for color printing and color copying.
    VCC Alpha:
    • Allow held print jobs to be deleted by the user.
    • Reliability improvements when using print release with documents containing unusual characters.
    • Display the selected shared account name when selecting via PIN/code.
    VCC Controller:
    • Display the selected shared account name when selecting via PIN/code.

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