I have recently installed spiceworks to test it out to see if it's worth rolling out on a production basis.

Installation is OK, at least no errors were generated.

I initiated a network scan a week or so ago and it seemed to start OK, a few devices and people were detected and inventoried. It picked up some warranty information, etc, etc.

I left it running on the Friday and it then transpired that I was off work the next week.

When I returned yesterday I saw that no further information had been logged and the scan page is reporting:

# 08:13:11 no devices ready for network health check yet. Canceling... (98%)
# 08:13:00 spawning network health check (0%)
# 08:03:50 expanding network list item: (254 addresses to (3%)
# 08:03:40 initializing network search (1%)
# 08:03:29 spawning Scan Now (0%)
And simply keeps repeating this over and over, it's been running overnight with no change.

I can't see anything wrong with the settings and the system was obviously working in some fashion when I originally set it up because it has inventoried a certain amount of data.

Has anyone else seen this problem?

Any tips for resolving it?