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Network and Classroom Management Thread, identify computers not being used on campus in Technical; Hi, I was wondering if anyone can suggest a way to identify computers on a network that are not being ...
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    identify computers not being used on campus

    Hi, I was wondering if anyone can suggest a way to identify computers on a network that are not being used, or a way to record the usage of computers on a network?

    I have been asked to point out computers that are not being used so they can either be relocated to somewhere where they will be used or, removed because they are old and slow and not being used.

    I have tried looking at when computers check in with WSUS, Anti-Virus etc. but this does not give me a great answer.

    Hope that someone here might be able to give me some ideas or even better a way to do this...


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    You can use dcquery to find machines which haven't been used for a while. On the DC in a command prompt:
    dcquery computer -inactive 3
    This will locate machines which haven't been logged onto for 3 weeks.
    If you're looking more at the level of use over a period of time you may want to add something to a script to log the current time at logon/logoff. A batch script dropping info to text files would probably be the quickest way of doing this though I beleive Kixx has some easy ways of quickly dropping info like this into SQL DBs.

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    you can add a simple log to the logon to see how noften its being logged onto, recording log off isn't as reliable. IN a batch file something like " %computername% %username >> \\domain\netlogon\log.txt

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