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Network and Classroom Management Thread, Public Access computers in Technical; I've been asked to look into setting up some public access computers at one of our sites. This is an ...
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    Public Access computers

    I've been asked to look into setting up some public access computers at one of our sites. This is an Adult Education centre, and the idea is to allow the public to come and use computers and printers for things like writing CVs / looking for jobs / learning IT skills.

    In order to manage this, we'd like some "Internet Cafe" style software - to limit access by time etc. Ideally this would be cheap or free. It would also have to allow us to manage printer use, and if possible filter the internet.

    A quick google produces a myriad of examples of such software, but I thought there might be some one here who has some experience.

    Anyone got an experience of this? Anyone think of any issues / problems that I might need to think about? Are the software licensing issues for instance?

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    When I spoke to our LEA about doing a similar thing here I was told that ideally we needed to be able to track back who was doing what, and that it would be worth speaking to the libraries to see how they did it. I didn't progress any further as it seemed a lot or work/cost to implement for little benefit.

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