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Network and Classroom Management Thread, User management from AD in Technical; I am not really looking for the usual user management features that exist in some / many pieces of software ...
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    User management from AD

    I am not really looking for the usual user management features that exist in some / many pieces of software that tap into MS AD. What I want to do is be able to produce reports detailing the user account information, namely username and password.

    In the past I have used an excel file and merged it to word to produce a little wallet sized card with all the appropriate network and email account information on it. The teachers have found this very useful as I can quickly produce a class set and when thirty kids walk in the ICT we can get them logged in as quick as possible.

    I kept on top of for a couple of schools (only visiting 1 day a week) and worked well when you used this as the central account db and just exported to the various system for instance, AD and bgfl email and some school software applications.

    Now I am looking for something that will query AD and produce the same soft of reports (8 wallet sized network accounts) and something that will be as flexible as excel / mail merge and allow me to add other bits of info!!

    Has anyone used anything like this before?

    Thanks in advance - not long now!!

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    AFAIK you won't get anything to pull passwords out of AD, usernames is simple though.

    You could set passwords for the users, at that point you would know what the passwords were for the report and not need to pull them from AD.
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    we have a custom ms access program which reads our pupil mis, creates accounts (and stores the logon in a network database). It does groups and email addresses at the same time (although it was written for Phoenix Gold, AD2000 and exch 2003 and now we're WCBS Pass, AD2008 and Exch2010). it was straight forward enough in VBA.

    For reporting, intranet class-lists and pupil info all had areas for network logon and default password was the same for all pupils (change on first logon).

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