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Network and Classroom Management Thread, Blocking cursors/screensavers in Technical; Quite a few kiddies in a couple of schools like downloading rubbish cursors and screensavers, which in turn has led ...
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    Blocking cursors/screensavers

    Quite a few kiddies in a couple of schools like downloading rubbish cursors and screensavers, which in turn has led to a few infections of MyWebSearch and the likes. The products themselves are little issue as they are reset as soon as they next log on, however the infections linger. Short of blocking the limitless supply of these awful sites, is there a way to block .ani files from being started?
    This is both CC4 and CC3, although a reg frag or GPO will work fine

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    This may break stuff so I would try it on an expendable OS first but would deleting the .ani file assosiation help. The bits of windows that need ani files should already have them defined in existing settins and so the removal of the assosiation would hopefully prevent automagic registration. Along with blocking out the mouse control pannel app this may resolve the issue.

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    For smoothie users... "desktop sillies" is the category

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