Good afternoon,

A member of staff has reported the ICT suite he teaches in is missing clipart on all the computers in his classroom. When you open the clipart option you get the following error:

Microsoft Clip Organizer

Clip Organizer cannot complete the operation.

No such interface supported
Error Code 0x80004002

[OK] [Help]

If you click OK, it continues to load, but only web collections are available (no local content.) Performing a search for something common like 'fish' yields no results, even from the web collections.
A rebuild fixes the issue, but we are wondering what caused them to build like this in the first place meaning they don't have the clipart and required a rebuild.
The IT suite next door appears to be fine, although we've been plagued by teacher desktop PC's doing this for a while now.

Any ideas or suggestions on where to start looking?