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Network and Classroom Management Thread, Having trouble with Internal Network Traceroute in Technical; Hey guys, Just a query really, a few of our switches on the network don't seem to have IP's that ...
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    Question Having trouble with Internal Network Traceroute

    Hey guys,

    Just a query really, a few of our switches on the network don't seem to have IP's that are not fully known to us (don't ask!), so I'm trying to find the ip's out as easily as I can!

    Obviously the first port of call will be to plug in a laptop and work from there, but I've been trying, and having trouble with internal traceroute commands and was wondering if anyone had some advice?

    Any internal address I try, the tracert is only bringing up 1 direct hop, from me, to the destination, I was hoping to get a list of internal hops, any switches etc.. that are used, but I can't find a way to find this out!

    Any ideas on something that may allow me to achieve this?


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    traceroute only pickes up things acting as routers that hop between subnets so won't pick up switches unless they are configured as routers.

    I think that Spiceworks may be able to find them as it runs an IP scan of your network Free Network Monitoring Software | Spiceworks Free Network Management Software

    The other thing to check for would be any detection tools from your switch vendors, I know that some (D-Link) come with detection utilities that can pick them up even with an unconfigured IP but these are usually switch and vendor specific.

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