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Network and Classroom Management Thread, Rebuild Process in Technical; Very very strange thing all of a sudden Rebuilding cc3 machines works in the most part, (joins domain, security, correct ...
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    Rebuild Process

    Very very strange thing all of a sudden

    Rebuilding cc3 machines works in the most part, (joins domain, security, correct packages etc)
    Except it's not doing certain things, like gp isn't applying at some stage

    !. Wallpaper and bitmaps not applying correctly
    2. Windows firewall policy not applying
    3. Offline files enabled (should be disabled for synchronise to work)
    4. and windows seems to be registered to "Station Rebuild: Windows XP RM)

    I've done the following
    Reset setup profile,
    checked ini, no failures on system packages
    health checked packages on server and locations in rmmc.
    tried rebuilding into package build location,
    tried changing workstation type.
    rebuilt with new name
    rebuilt different machine and different location, same problem,
    I've tried a gp update /force and normally in the shell, it will prompt you to reboot. It doesn't do this anymore. It just says user policy refresh has completed, computer policy has completed.

    Grr. any suggestions?!

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    We have had those symptoms from time to time, we have found a bare metal rebuild of the machine, build to main site and then manual moving to the department helps.

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