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Network and Classroom Management Thread, Easy log on and shutdown icon in Technical; Hello All, I'm looking for two things if any one can help? 1. I need a way of logging on ...
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    Easy log on and shutdown icon

    Hello All,
    I'm looking for two things if any one can help?

    1. I need a way of logging on students by selecting their full names or perhaps a colour. These are special needs children who would find it difficult typing a user name and password. This is the sort of thing Winsite allows you to do - select a group name then a user name. I want to use a GPO to control the desktops, but need a "dead" simple method to allow the children to log on.

    2. I need an application that will place on the desktop an option to shut down or log off the PC without having to select start, shutdown etc. The sort of thing thats on the desktop of Classmaster 5.

    Any help please.....

    School ICT Suites and Servers

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    add a shortcut to the desktop (script all user desktop however you want)

    shutdown /l for logoff

    shutdown /r reboot

    shutdown /s turn off

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