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Network and Classroom Management Thread, Searching for an application... in Technical; Hi, I'm searching for an application that will manage which exe files students can open. I would profer to find ...
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    Question Searching for an application...


    I'm searching for an application that will manage which exe files students can open.

    I would profer to find a freeware package.

    I have tried using the GPO system from our Win 2003 server, but this only works with the hash number for the exe file in question. However, if they get a new release of the exe, the hash number changes.

    A colleage suggested Ranger, but this would be to expensive for the solution we are looking for.

    We require this as students are now bringing games into college on their pen drives.

    Any other ideas?


    Winton Arts and Media College

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    I use TrustNoExe here - it's a whitelisting system, it will allow the Windows dir + Program Files by default, you'd have to add any network shares that software runs from etc but after that anything else is restricted from running. Should do the job?

    Trust-No-Exe - An executable filter for Windows NT/2000/XP

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    Another alternative is Anti-Executable by Faronics. It's not free, but it does allow you to centrally manage your whitelist(s)/blacklist(s) among other things, and the education pricing isn't too bad.

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    You can use your GPOs - but you have to "reverse" your thinking - block everything and then only allow the exes with the correct hash to run...

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