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Network and Classroom Management Thread, italc bulk import? in Technical; Is there any way (please say there is) to bulk import clients into italc from a text file? There's an ...
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    italc bulk import?

    Is there any way (please say there is) to bulk import clients into italc from a text file? There's an export function - surely there should be an import?

    Or am I just blind?

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    As I understand it the Export only creates a text file with deatils of who has logged on at which station etc.

    I have configured our ITalc to store details of stations availible to connect to on a central server share and allowed only us Technicians Read/Write access to it. We spent half a day adding the stations and editing details. Now we just add stations as we needed.

    Works for us.

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    In case anyone else is struggling with this, here is how I've done this.

    The information of classrooms and stations are kept in XML files in c:\users\profilename\appdata\roaming\italc. There is a Global config and Personal config. In Global config, the station names are listed therein and given a random ID number. This ID number is referred to in the Personal config.

    So, in iTalc add a couple of stations manually so you can see the format in the XML file. Close iTalc and open the Global XML file in Excel. From here you can drag down to duplicate things (like version numbers, classroom names, types etc) and you can allocate an ID yourself (I used 10001 onwards), again dragging down to increase that number. Also the same can apply if you have numerical/increasing naming systems like we do. It's still very manual but will save a LOT of time if you have a lot of stations.
    Naturally you'll then just need to edit the personal one in the same way, using the same format with the ID numbers you gave in the global config.
    Job's a goodun!
    Also useful you can add the MAC address here too

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