We have 30 laptops in a trolley which are used in different rooms during the day. We would like to use netsupport with them over the wireless. I can get it working by dropping the laptops into the same OU as the Teacher PC (each Teacher pc is in its on OU which corresponds to the classroom number) but the laptops we have in their own "laptops" OU.

On Netsupport we have it to search for devices in that room eg R92-. So without moving the laptops constantly around OU, or all the teacher PC's into the same OU as the laptops can anyone suggest an easy way to get this working?

I just want to be able to wheel the laptops in with the teacher opening netsupport abnd boom have them there, then next lesson roll into another room and boom. I know someone will bring up the question of 2 teachers having netsupport open at the same time might cause conflicts but im confident if i tell them to close netsupport if they aren't using the laptops that they will.