Hi all,

recently we have had an influx of exams that take place on a computer, now this is simple enough we have created 100 exam accounts, which are assigned to the student when they enter the exam(we print labels with the username and password and hand them into exams), Netsupport is then used to monitor and block the internet in that room. This keeps the process pretty simple, however because a large amount of these tests have taken place we have ran out of accounts(data the students create need to be kept in the private exam account H drive untill August!).

The process still needs streamlined as any files the students need have to be copied to each H: drive of every exam account in use(i am aware that netsupport can copy the files accross to every computer, however i would not task this to an invigilator, every invigilator we seem to get is pretty computer illiterate).

also we have had a few time issues we are so busy its difficult to reset and disable/enable the accounts as needed(accounts are disabled after the exam to prevent students changing the files afterwards)

im wondering what experiences other Technicians are having with these exams and any solutions you have needed to put in place to streamline the process?


im not entirely sure if this is the correct place for this but couldnt see anywhere better.