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Network and Classroom Management Thread, Smartcache & CLEO in Technical; Hi, Ok so over the summer holidays we switched our ISP from IFL to CLEO, they came and set-up the ...
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    Smartcache & CLEO


    Ok so over the summer holidays we switched our ISP from IFL to CLEO, they came and set-up the ned cache box etc..... You cant really manage much on it like audting and room management etc....
    So I`ve unplugged it and plugged our smartcache back in, I have reconfigured it with the floppy disk as per RM`s instructions. I can login to the smartcache through the web interface however no internet history is beeing logged etc....

    I have logged a call with RM but nothing has been resolved as of yet.

    Any ideas guys????


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    Get Smoothwall...

    Seriously though, erm, can't think of anything really, because their aren't any obvious settings, about enable logs etc (at least not on the one we have) ... sorry to ask a stupid question, but I take it the PC's etc are pointing to go threough smartcache?

    we're replacing ours with smoothwall within the next couple of weeks anyway, going to be good to have proper control over what the kids can go on

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    Have you set the logging level on the maintenance page?

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