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Network and Classroom Management Thread, Another iTALC question (1.0.9) in Technical; I recently set up iTALC on about 30 PCs, fresh install. I put the iTalc key as well as the ...
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    Another iTALC question (1.0.9)

    I recently set up iTALC on about 30 PCs, fresh install. I put the iTalc key as well as the install on a USB drive and went around to the PCs I and installed it. I moved the install folder over to the local disk, but left the key on the USB when it asked for it, I just told it to look on the USB drive. This has always worked in the past, and it seemed to work this time as well. I guess iTalc pulls a copy of the key off the USB drive when it asks for it? I'm not sure.

    Everything is working great now, I can remote control, I can view desktops, all that jazz.
    The only issue is that on the admin machine, all the usernames are displayed as my username. I checked the box where it says to display usernames, and they are all me. Should I not have used my log in to install the client machines? That has worked for me in the past.

    Has anyone else seen this before? I think I might have read something about messenger service needing to be started on the machines for the usernames to display. Thats not going to happen, but it sounded fishy.

    Thanks in advance for the help.

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    I have it working and Messenger is not running. So I can confirm [for me at least] that Messenger is not an issue.

    However I do have a couple of questions about Classroom Manager:

    My technician spent some time yesterday creating classrooms and workstations in the Classroom Management sidebar. When he logged on this morning all of the changes had been wiped.

    Is there any way of saving/exporting the classrooms/computers once they have been created? [Export to text-file seems to create a flie containing the details of the date and time of last update/change]

    Also is there any way of importing the settings from another station? [so that we don't all have to go through the add classroom/add computer cycle]


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    Re: Screenshots

    The italc faq has a section on sharing settings as a global config. We have it so that the xml files are on a central share and each iTalc Tutor program globalconfig registry setting points to the share. Works like a charm.

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