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Network and Classroom Management Thread, Allow users create folders and shortcuts in Technical; Hi Everybody, Just had the ICT Teacher tell me that we a re doing a new OCR course soon and ...
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    Allow users create folders and shortcuts

    Hi Everybody,

    Just had the ICT Teacher tell me that we a re doing a new OCR course soon and that it requires screenshot evidence of the pupils creating, deleting, moving, copying and pasting folders and shortcuts.

    At the moment i have server 2003 GPO's restricting exactly that kind of use, no right click and no file on the menu, is the best way to just enable file and edit in the toolbars, or is there a better method.

    As i said to the teacher, my concern is not them deleting work by accident, but by deleting work on purpose, to which - and i quote - he said "That will not be a problem, i will be supervising" so not only can he teach a room full of 30 pupils he can look at all 30 monitors at the same time!

    Anyway, thoughts and advice would be appreciated.


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    Just make sure that your NTFS and Share permissions are correct and this should not be a problem

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    We found that Volume Shadow Copy resolved the problem of student deleting work (with the least amount of work for us) students are able to recover their own work without any work on our part. Itís no substitute for proper backups but itís a nice intermediate, we get no restore jobs any more for anything less than 1 month and you can set it up to take snapshots more often (it wonít help if your worry is students doing the work then deleting it between snapshots)

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    in my old work place, they wanted to do the same. we just gave them a stand alone pc. and they copied the picture to a usb stick.

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