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Network and Classroom Management Thread, Ranger 7 Released in Technical; Just noticed that that Ranger 7 has been released, has anyone installed it yet. Any feed back from users? . ...
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    Ranger 7 Released

    Just noticed that that Ranger 7 has been released, has anyone installed it yet.

    Any feed back from users? . :-)

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    We have 7 installed. It gets past the rgruinit.exe error of Ranger 6 but apart from that we haven't noticed much difference. I hate Ranger anyway though so I'm kind of biased.

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    Installed it, seem to remember that you need to have all your license details to hand for the upgrade (grrrr...) and that there's various bits that need installing rather than just one "install the lot" option (double grrrr...). This was done in a hurry at the end of the day (when I expected a 5-10 minute install) so I may have missed something!

    Not really noticed too much difference though the workstations have recently started timing out contacting the server, leading to a reboot. Not sure if it's connected...

    P.S. @ noser: Are you secretly an ace ventriloquist?
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