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Network and Classroom Management Thread, SysAid help required in Technical; We are planning to trial Sysaid in our school over the next term, but are struggling to make it function ...
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    SysAid help required

    We are planning to trial Sysaid in our school over the next term, but are struggling to make it function how we would like, can any SysAid users help us with these issues;

    We would like that only staff can submit a service request, so we have given all staff a user account. If a pupil is using a system and has a problem they can call the teacher across, who can use the shortcut key (F11) to launch Sysaid, logs in and submit a service request. This is achieved by setting

    Preferences>End User Portal>Userís asset determined by: to LOGIN

    But this stops the ability to send a screenshot with the service request. In order to send a screenshot you must set

    Preferences>End User Portal>Userís asset determined by: to NETWORK USER

    But this stops an authenticated (Sysaid) login; if the pupil launched Sysaid after the Staff member had left they get straight to the User portal without logging in.

    Is there any way we can have both a login and a screenshot?

    Also, we cannot get the Sysaid agent, & therefore the F11 key, to function on a staff (windows user) account. It is fine on an administrator account and works fine on a staff account if you deploy the agent to a system twice, but stops again as soon as you log out of that account.

    I believe that the first issue is with Sysaid while the second is feels like the permissions/Server2003 problem. Has anyone seen similar problem?

    Many thanks in advance

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    This doesn't answer your question but seeing as we use the full edition of SysAid here I just thought I'd let you know how we do things. But before that.. aren't you a bit concerned about staff hitting F11 and typing in their (AD?) password into a machine while the students are sat in front of it staring at every keystroke? I'm sure most students would figure out staff passwords within a few raises of the hand..they certainly would at the place I work!

    Anyway.. We have 200 "user" licenses and as such we only allow staff to submit a SR, within the LDAP settings of SysAid we have a user class filter setup so that all staff accounts in AD which are a member of a group (i.e helpdesk user) are all automatically generated within SysAid and they can login to the helpdesk with their AD credentials.

    We haven't bothered with the agent at all as we have so many assets quite frankly I could not afford to keep them all within SysAid (which is a shame really!); instead we have given them email integration so staff just email a specific address and can attach whatever they like to it (screenshot etc), this creates the SR and gets routed to the appropriate technician.

    Some staff do login via the Sysaid web front end to submit a SR but most just use email as its quicker. If you want to use the agent and can't get any help here, why not try the SysAid forum on the ilient site - its got an active community and I have always got a response really quickly..or just use their support if your evaluating. helpdesk@ilient.com

    Finally, with regard to your pupils accessing SysAid once a staff member has finished using it, they just have to remember to hit logout (top right) rather than closing the browser window. Pupils will then be faced with the login prompt if they try to access the helpdesk.
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    At the moment, the login option does not allow an automated screenshot to be added to the service request.
    This issue should be resolved in one of the next SysAid releases.

    Best regards.
    SysAid support

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    The good thing with SysAid, is that they listen to their customers, all new features and bugs are always ironed out as they constantly get new demand for new features.

    The past year has been new feature, new module after each other and this is certainly an ideal situation. I use Sysaid at my present employer, which was great to walk into and successfully moved my previous school onto the system.

    Might be handy to head over to the forums and suggest this feature, although its just been said the next release will have this function enabled.

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