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Network and Classroom Management Thread, MRBS and Non Admin Users in Technical; Hi all Have a problem with MRBS. I have it configured on a wamp virtual server. All the files from ...
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    MRBS and Non Admin Users

    Hi all

    Have a problem with MRBS. I have it configured on a wamp virtual server. All the files from this were copied unto a webserver. I can log on and book rooms as the admin user. I can log on as non admin user but when try to book rooms I get a scheduling error saying 'you cannot book rooms days in advance'.

    This works on the virtual webserver, where it is setup so non admin users cannot book more than 5 days in advance.

    As I say all the files from the wamp server were just uploaded. Am baffled by this. Hope someone can shed some light on this problem for me.

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    Do you know which version you are running? Have you (or anyone else) made any modifications to it?

    Other things it would be worth checking is wether the date and timezone is set correctly, and wether the database is setup properly.
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