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Network and Classroom Management Thread, Print Manager Plus 7 Troubles in Technical; Hi guys, I'm currently working on the deployment of Print Manager Plus 7, and I am just about there. PMP7 ...
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    Print Manager Plus 7 Troubles

    Hi guys,

    I'm currently working on the deployment of Print Manager Plus 7, and I am just about there.

    PMP7 is running off Windows Server 2008, with Print Services installed. I have managed to get it up and running, using the abysmal user's manual, but now I am stuck at configuring it.

    My problem is this: I cannot add a trusted domain, every time I try the prompt just returns empty without the new domain added. Right now, it isn't pulling down user information from the AD at all, and accounts are being created the first time they send a print job. This is fine, however the "Domain" field for the user is "*unknown".

    It's not incredibly imperative this works, but it would be nice to know what domain the print jobs are coming from, as this is going to be in reconnaissance mode for about 2 weeks until we decide on a print limit.

    Has anyone else ran into this? Or does anyone have any tips about why it may not be pulling a user list from the AD?

    Thanks in advance, this thing is about to make me pull my hair out.

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    Are you using A fully qualified domain name (FQDN),
    its a long time now since i set ours up and i have just changed to pcounter
    also is the account you are using a member of domain admins

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    I would ring up the support. They sorted a problem for me on friday and the service was excellent. I would even say its the best support i have ever had from a software company.

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