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Network and Classroom Management Thread, Smoothwall safe image search in Technical; Is there a way in Smoothwall to force google safe search for images? I think there's a way to make ...
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    Smoothwall safe image search

    Is there a way in Smoothwall to force google safe search for images? I think there's a way to make Smoothwall add safe=active to every URL.

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    Under SmoothWall Guardian you'll want to tick the "force safe search" toward the bottom of your (by default) recommended security rules policy. Or alternatively : https://support.smoothwall.net/index...barticleid=323

    On new installs it's the default as of the SP4 iso.



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    Good stuff - it works fine for Google, but using AltaVista images if you put in something dodgy like "w-t p-ssy", it displays a page without any thumbnails, but it offers the following:

    The Family Filter has detected adult content
    See adult content by changing your settings.
    See results without adult content

    At the moment we have change settings blocked by the County filtering system, so that option doesn't work. However contrary to the name i.e. 'See results without adult content', clicking it allows all the adult stuff through.

    Has anyone seen this and is there a way to manage it in the Smoothwall system?

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    Thanks moggy,

    This hasn't been raised previously. It seems as though Altavista's idea of adult content differs from our's
    What we will do is make a small change to prevent that 'See results...' link from functioning.

    In the general case, we take a defense-in-depth approach to search engines:
    * Forcing safe-search (where available)
    * Search term filtering, at the point the search is made.
    * Dynamic content analysis of search results
    * Deep URL analysis of image, video and audio results.

    Unfortunately the last method isn't currently active for AltaVista, but we do hope to have a solution. Some of our education customers have prevented access to certain Image Search engines which operate in an unhelpful manner and instead implement a redirect rule to a more friendly option e.g. Google Images.
    Let us know if we can help you any further.

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