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Network and Classroom Management Thread, Running ABTutor and NSS side by side? in Technical; I have a 23 PC lab currently running NSS 8.01.... Ideally I also want to be able to evaluate ABTutor ...
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    Running ABTutor and NSS side by side?

    I have a 23 PC lab currently running NSS 8.01.... Ideally I also want to be able to evaluate ABTutor on the same machines in order that we can make a purchase decision for next year - ie AB tutor or upgrade to NSS 10.x.. I want to involve our academics in the desicion making - hence why I would like to run both on the same set of machines if possible... (although obviously not at the same time...)

    Any help or advice gratefully recieved

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    Pretty sure you can have us (NSS) and ABTutor on the same machine, remote control products play much nicer together these days.

    Also if you're going to compare the products you should try NSS 10 rather than the version 8 you have as lots of new features have been added since then. They'll be a new 10.5 out in the next couple of weeks too, this will include a brand new feature which you won't find in any other class room management product.

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    Commercial Comment

    Hi LizaM

    I just wanted to add if you do like NetSupport version 10.5 (which is out now) and you do have old licences (v8) then it is very much worth a phone call to us here. We will be able to look and see what we can do for you to update them at a reduced cost.

    It's got to be worth a quick call or email!

    Good luck with your evaluations.

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