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Network and Classroom Management Thread, New version of NetSupport DNA launched in Technical; I've just had a call from Anna our account manager at NetSupport to let me know a brand new version ...
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    New version of NetSupport DNA launched

    I've just had a call from Anna our account manager at NetSupport to let me know a brand new version of NetSupport DNA has been launched (v3.0). This now has lots more goodies (as if it didn't have enough to begin with!), and those under maintenance will get the upgrade for free of course:

    NEW Communication Gateway
    The introduction of NetSupport's Gateway technology provides a stable and secure method for locating and connecting to Clients on Remote Networks securely via the Internet. Multiple remote locations can communicate data back to a central location with the use of the included Client and Server gateway components.

    NEW Energy Monitor
    Aimed at helping organisations reduce their carbon footprint, meet internal energy saving targets and reduce operational costs, the new Energy Monitor component tracks all powered-on systems across the enterprise, highlighting their energy consumption and associated costs. Working day hours can be defined making it easy to identify out of hours wastage.

    NEW Active Directory Integration
    Full Active Directory Integration is provided in v3. The NetSupport DNA tree view can now mirror your Active Directory structure. Support has been provided to enable membership of AD groups to control logon/access rights to the DNA Console.

    NEW Console Roles
    Access rights for Console Operators are now controlled by defined profiles or 'Roles'. Once created the Role can be assigned to multiple operators. Roles can be linked to a Windows Group and are relevant when Active Directory is being used.

    NEW Change PC Owner
    When DNA connects to a Client PC for the first time it will automatically 'bind' the logged on user as the PC Owner. A new 'Bind Users' dialog allows you to manually change the PC Owner details if this is not the permanent 'owner'.

    ENHANCED User Interface
    The NetSupport DNA User Interface has been totally refreshed for version 3. Included among the changes is the introduction of separate PC and User tree views, making it easier to distinguish between the physical asset and items associated with the user (such as Internet and Application usage), as well as a completely new navigation bar and dynamic component "action panels".

    ENHANCED Software Inventory
    The newly introduced 'Installed Programs' option mirrors the add/remove programs structure of your Client machines, detailing the license levels for the displayed applications. NetSupport DNA now features three level software inventory : Software Programs (eg MS Office), Software Applications (eg MS Word) and Software Resources (eg Letter.doc)
    License management is further enhanced with the ability to assign licenses to specific departments.

    ENHANCED License Administration
    The process for assigning license information to a PC's asset data has been refined. New 'Leasing Administration' and 'Maintenance Administration' dialogs have been added enabling operators to quickly assign licenses to any number of PCs.

    ENHANCED Internet Metering
    Support for Sub-Url's added allowing you to restrict both complete and specific pages within a website.

    ENHANCED Additional Hardware
    Peripheral Hardware items such as PDAs or Mobile phones can now be assigned to multiple machines simultaneously extending NetSupport DNA's use as a central reporting point for technology assets.

    ENHANCED Query Tool
    The NetSupport DNA Query tool is a unique utility that allows an operator to produce custom reports and data views based on all database fields. This has been extended to include totalling functions for values such as time and costs.

    ENHANCED Database Wizard
    New 'Miscellaneous Settings' dialog added to the DNA Database Wizard enabling you to enter the SQL Server address, set a timeout for Database Queries, force Active Directory Authentication and add DNA Gateway settings.

    Ypu can also get a free 30 day trial from here: https://download.netsupportsoftware....PCI&lang=UKand

    Please note this is hot off the press and may not be available for a few hours yet!!

    *Rubs hands and waits gleefully

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    Hope your enjoying the new version

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