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Network and Classroom Management Thread, Default Background Settings in Technical; Hey all, Just been asked by the head of SEN if we can: 1) Change the deafult MS Office background ...
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    Default Background Settings

    Hey all,

    Just been asked by the head of SEN if we can:

    1) Change the deafult MS Office background for ALL users so that it is a pale yellow as opposed to the standard white.

    2) Create a usertype for a handful of pupils (those with dyslexia etc) so the user has the option to change the background settings in MS Office themselves, i.e. to a red background.

    Anybody got an idea as to how we might achieve this?


    EDIT: We're CC3.
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    This seems to be the way to change the background:

    "Go to: Start/Settings/Control Panel/Display/Appearance/ and click "Advanced" and then under "Item" select "Window" and change to whichever colour you prefer. Click "Other" to see the whole palette. Then click "Apply" and you're all set."

    Changing default background colours

    At first I assumed it would be a Normal Template thing for Word, but that doesn't seem to work.

    I suppose you might be able to set this as the default via Group Policy. People would need access to the display control panel to change it themselves though, which probably isn't a good idea. To me this looks more like a PC-specific change than a user-specific change...hmm, anyone else...?

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    Hi there,

    The default office templates are stored in X:\Group Resources\Application Data.
    Im sure you edit Normal.dot to here and then change a setting in type manager
    in the RMMC to reflect this. There should be a knowlegebase article on the
    RM website explaining how to change the templates.

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