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Network and Classroom Management Thread, WebHelpdesk - Email tickets in Technical; How the heck do you get this to work Been through the Admin guide (p25) and entered all the requried ...
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    WebHelpdesk - Email tickets

    How the heck do you get this to work

    Been through the Admin guide (p25) and entered all the requried info

    i send a test email to the "helpdesk" mailbox who's email address is assigned to the correct tech group in WHD

    All connections are green in WHD for server connections

    It arrives and is then deleted as WHD picks it up (tried this by changing the info for the tech group in WHD and watch the emails disappear when reset to correct settings)

    But i'm not seeing a ticket in WHD?

    Is there a specific format for the emails? (subject, etc)

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    Are you in the correct tech. group as the user? Under Techs | Technicians I think.

    It doesn't matter what format the e-mails are in.

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