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Network and Classroom Management Thread, Netsupport Connection Issue in Technical; I'm having a problem with Netsupport School V9, its well over a year since I touched this software so I've ...
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    Netsupport Connection Issue

    I'm having a problem with Netsupport School V9, its well over a year since I touched this software so I've unfortunatly forgotten much of what I used to know.

    I have a room with 20 PCs and out of those the tutor will not connect to 4 of them. I've checked that the firewall service is disabled and VNC allows you to connect to these machines, I then disabled VNC just in case but still it wont connect.

    Anyone have an ideas on what could be causing this? The connection method I'm using is the default TCP/IP port method.

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    How is the Tutor set up to connect? Does it do a browse for machines and connect to them all or does it have a known list of student machines to connect to?

    If the you have a known list then its possible the machines have a different IP address now. Select Modify Known List from the main menu and from there you can remove the machines that you can't connect to, do a browse and then add them back again.

    You can also turn on connect by host name, see Configure->TCP/IP from the main menu, this means that the Tutor will use the host name to connect to the machine rather than the IP address, useful in a DHCP environment.


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