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Network and Classroom Management Thread, CC3 package help in Technical; Does anybody have an example of an exe-based .ini file from a CC3 package? I need to create a package ...
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    CC3 package help

    Does anybody have an example of an exe-based .ini file from a CC3 package?
    I need to create a package for CC4 that runs a setup.exe with the accompanying silent install file. Obviously I cannot create it using appwizard as it only accepts msi files.
    I know on CC3 it was a case of adding AddCommand=/s /sms to the exe ini, but I have none to compare to and see what needs adding to it.
    I'm trying to build PowerDVD 5, and it failed when creating a normal msi so would like to do it this way.
    Any help would be appreciated

    Bit of hunting and I found what appears to work, if anybody could confirm this is how they have theirs set up:
    Description=PowerDVD V5
    Addcommand=/s /sms
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    This will only work for executables that actually support a silent install and as long as you know what parameters exactly it takes - not all exes do. For example, my Inno Setup files need /sp /silent for them to work silently and automatically.

    Does your PowerDVD install silently if you create a shortcut to the exe and add the parameters /s /sms to it?

    Do CC4 packages support the AddCommand INI file entry?

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    Yes but would also add uninstall command otherwise you can assign but not unassign not got sample to hand here but when back in office tommorow will post one up.

    Also cc4 should support add command as it supports importing of cc3 ini packages.


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