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Network and Classroom Management Thread, Smoothwall, MLE & Youtube in Technical; hey guys So we are starting to use the MLE at my school, we have a pilot group running and ...
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    Smoothwall, MLE & Youtube

    hey guys

    So we are starting to use the MLE at my school, we have a pilot group running and they are coming up with some great content.

    one thing that is used quite a lot in the school is Youtube, teachers love to use this site and I understand why. They can access the Youtube, but student computers can not.

    So the question I have is how can we use smoothwall to let embeded youtube files through yet not grant full access to the Youtube site.

    We could let each individual vid through by adding the url in the "user defined sites" but that will eventually end up with more and more work for us and is not an ideal solution.

    Has anyone got any ideas on the matter?



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    Ooops, only just seen this post! Generally you'll get better SmoothWall responses in the security or internet related/filtering forums. At least they're the ones we watch more than the others!

    To do this you'd need to put in a usual block for either the audio/video category for the students, or a custom block for youtube.com (and googlevideo.com and video.google.com!)

    Then put in a custom allow for students to get to youtube.com/get_video and possibly googlevideo.com/videoplayback

    This should then only allow pages that embed videos to get to it, without allowing students to browse the site directly.

    Hope this helps, feel free to get in touch if you need more info.


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