Dear Edugeeks,

My company, security software vendor IS Decisions is seeking beta testers for UserLock 5.0, its solution to secure access to Windows-based networks by:
- stopping or limiting concurrent sessions
- limiting user access per workstation or customizable range
- setting time restrictions
- providing administrators with session control, alerts and full connectivity analysis and reporting features.

UserLock 5.0 beta comes with numerous enhancements and new features, including:
- entirely revamped Graphical User Interface (console and Web)
- dynamic display of the Active Directory tree
- protection of RAS and VPN (RRAS and RADIUS) sessions
- protection of WiFi Access Points
- …

Interested in joining UserLock 5.0 Beta Testing Program?

Please complete the brief registration process on IS Decisions’ Web site and we will send you every useful information and provide you with personalized Technical Support during your evaluation.

Thank you in advance for your feedback about UserLock 5.0!